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 It's not a secret to anyone that the topic of women's rights never loses its relevance. There are places where it is supposedly solved, and places where it is unchanged.

 In the place where I come from, there are women who were lucky enough to live a full life, with the opportunity to get an education, to marry their loved ones that they chose themselves, to build a career, to travel, etc. But mostly, you are faced with an entrenched foundation where the restriction of women's rights is still taking place. This injustice is always in sight. You can get used to it and stop noticing it, or you can worry and fight for it. The photos in this series are empathy that pops up in me every time, no matter where I am and what I shoot. I believe that someday I will stop encountering those sad eyes hidden in the depths of a woman's soul. And this way this series of photographs will be exhausted forever.

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